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Getting started with Wordalist

Find exercises

Wordalist is full of existing exercises, some created by teachers and other by students.

  • Browse and search for exercises. Sort results by popularity, recently practiced, name or language.
  • Check out the charts page and see popular exercises practiced by other members
  • Find out what others are practicing: once you've joined an exercise, browse through the members profile pages to find out what they're practicing
  • If you're enrolled in a course, your teacher will direct you to the exercises you need to join and practice
  • Found something interesting? Hit the join-button!

'Find exercises'

How to practice

Practice section by section, or just hit the practice all-button to work through the entire exercise. You choose!

'Start learning'

Want to customize your progression? Check out our post about practice speed settings.

Want to add your own exercise?

Create your own exercises! Vocabulary training, grammar, image questions and more. Add the stuff you want to practice and share with friends and study buddies.

'Create your own exercises'

Remember to keep learning - and having fun!

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