Along the eastern front, Soviet tanks launched renewed attacks in several [områden] .

sectors areas zones

Info: ”Sector” is the standard military term.

Although the primary [data] has not yet all been processed, the trend seems clear.


Info: ”Data” can be either singular or plural.

Even a moderate fever can [innebära] a viral infection.

Hint: Find a synonym for “indicate”!

signify indicate imply

In the [första] stages, the sickness appeared to be no worse than the average flu.

Hint: Find a synonym for “first”!

initial first early

In the period [efter] to the war, Czechoslovakia gradually regains partial prosperity.

Hint: Find a synonym for “after” and which works with “to”!


One of Stalin’s measures was to [inskränka] all travel within the Soviet Union.

Hint: Find a synonym for “limit”!

restrict limit confine curtail

One of the [huvud-] reasons for trying this approach is that other research teams have successfully synthesized similar proteins.

primary main principal

Info: Note that the adjective "principal" is spelled differently than the noun "principle" (Sw 'princip' el [i USA:] 'skolrektor')

Participants are required to [välja] one of three dances to perform for the judges.

select choose pick

Info: Find a synonym for “choose”!

This power plant is capable of [generera] 12 terrawatts at maximum capacity.

Hint: An “ing” form is needed here!

generating producing delivering

This was another of his broken New Year’s [löften] .

Hint: In this context, “promises” doesn’t work!


What [roll] did the Greens play in the newly-formed government?


Info: The spelling “rôle” is almost never used anymore.