Some of the children are deaf and others are [stumma] .

dumb mute mutes

Info: The adjective "mute" gives rise to the (plural) noun "mutes".

[Korn] will grow further north than wheat.

Barley Barleycorn

Info: In BrE "corn" can mean "(all kinds of) grain", but "barley" is a more specific term.

Take the [hiss] to the 0th floor.

elevator lift

Info: For AmE, use "elevator", for BrE, use "lift".

He gave [uttryckliga] orders that the village be destroyed.

Hint: Note: the "be" form is correct! It"s in the subjunctive.

explicit direct clear

Mick was actually a pretty [försiktig] poker player.


Info: "Careful" is close, but not right, since it implies paying attention, not strategy.